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1500Origami OverviewAndrew
1540UI componentsAlberto
1620Web servicesSam
1640Hands-on workshopsAndrew, Alberto, Sam, Kaelig

Origami workshop

A practical journey to Web Components

by Andrew Betts, FT Labs ( / @triblondon)


Building websites is harder today than ever before. Why?

Multiple formats

Multiple formats


Better usability

We are not here to do easy things for people who are like us
Alice Bartlett

Problems at FT

Meeting the challenges of modern front end development can lead to problems


  • Repeating work
  • Unable to let go of old tech
  • Experts needed everywhere
  • Square pegs, round holes
  • Learning 'cliff'


What should we be aiming for?

Consistent brand experience

Not just about being responsive

(we have lots of websites to make responsive)

Living style guides






Works with the old stuff

Don't build a monolith

Raise the bar

Make it easy

Full set of principles available at

The Origami way

How does Origami meet these goals?

Origami is...

  • A Specification (
  • Tools
    • Registry
    • Build service
  • Components!
    • Modules (installable packages)
    • Web services (APIs)

The spec

Agree a standard for building modules and services

Module build pattern

"Cutting the mustard"

A simple logical test that sets a movable bar for running application JavaScript

if ('querySelector' in document && 'localStorage' in window && 'addEventListener' in window) { ... }

Syntax and encapsulation (JS)

  • No globals
  • No modifying DOM on parse (or outside of owned DOM)
  • Namespace events
  • jsHint

Syntax and encapsulation (CSS)

  • Namespace prefixes for classes
    • No styling out of namespace
  • No IDs, ever
  • Minimise specificity. Use BEM or descendent selectors
    • o-tweet__avatar--verified
    • o-tweet > p
  • Consider states (use ARIA):
    • hover, focus, busy, selected, disabled, active, invalid, pressed, expanded
  • Express responsive behaviours by exposing mixins, not using media queries:
    • o-tweet--large, o-tweet--small

The tools

Make it easy to comply with the spec requirements

Build tool

> origami-build-tools install

Build modules in your own product

Serve them locally

Compile as part of your own JavaScript and CSS bundles

Auto-install all dependencies, tools, linters etc.


Scan known git servers

Index version tags

Build every version of every module

Collect all the info on one page

Act as a directory of web services

Origami registry is public on the web so anyone can collaborate with us

Build service

Build any combination of modules on demand

Build, bundle, compress, optimise, serve through CDN (gzipped)

Lock to a version or automatically upgrade with semver-compliant versioning

Allow developers to work without a build step

Build process walkthrough

Build a page using Origami components

That's it!

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